Theesome Weekend Part 1 – A Glorious Punishment Fuck

Last night we had a glorious punishment fuck-fest.

It started like this …

It was supposed to be my reward. An indulgent threesome, with all the pleasure being lavished on me. You had planned carefully, organising the flights to get him here for the weekend, just so we can fuck together.

But I’m being defiant, putting my foot down.

He looks frustrated, disappointed. You know me well enough to know what’s going on and your smile is dangerous.

We stand facing each other. I’m already naked, but you two are still fully dressed. I look a challenge at you. He looks between us, picking up the vibe and I see his trousers twitch. And aah yes, that makes me happy. I want him to be excited. You turn away and pull the black latex tape from our bag of tricks and toss it to him. He pulls a length of it free, his eyes meeting mine, and mmh, he’s not smiling.

You both advance on me and I back up until my legs hit the sofa. I put up a good fight, struggling to keep you both off me, but of course it’s a foregone conclusion. I don’t want to waste too much energy, it’s really just a power-play, it’s all about cranking up our lust, all three of us. We struggle in total silence. I can feel my clit tingle, the first slick juices.

Slowly, inexorably my arms are forced down to my sides and I’m losing the battle, but still I try to fight, because I know what it does to you both, to me.

You spin me around and push me hard to my knees, upper body pressed into the sofa. You force my arms up my back, so my hands touch opposite elbows. He wraps tape around my forearms, binding them in place. The tape is run to my ankles and they are bound together, then back up to my forearms again to complete a sturdy, loose hogtie.

You check my face, I smirk at you and you kiss my forehead.

“Your safe gesture is spreading your fingers,” you say.

I nod.

I’m hoisted up on to the sofa, my hips raised on a fat cushion. You decide to do it differently this time, normally you claim my mouth in our threesomes, this time he gets the honour, you want to fuck my pussy. He gets on his knees at the end of the sofa and presents himself, all hard and ready. I begin my ministrations, licking him from bottom to top and back again, sucking his balls into my mouth, one, the other – both.

He grunts, follows it with a word, “good.”

You kneel up over me, my thighs between yours. Slowly you lower yourself down, my ankles draw up, pressing gently to your back, just above your arse as you put tension on the tape between my arms and ankles. I imagine the two strips of tape accepting your balls and the latex stroking, caressing them.

You place a hand on my back and push down, I obediently arch my back, I present my pussy to you as much as I am able in this position, inviting you in. With your other hand, you lube up a plug with my juices, dipping it into my pussy, a moment of fuckery, and push it none too gently into my arse.

Oooh, oh.

You take your cock in your hand and stroke my pussy and clit with it, gliding, sliding. I know you’re getting off watching me blow him, so I give him and you my best performance. I’m going slowly with him, still at the teasing phase.

Although I am expecting it, it still takes me by surprise when you slam into me, and it is a slam.

And ow!

Because of the position, I feel you deep inside. You withdraw fully and I wait for the next slam with a slight feeling of dread. Instead, you use your cock to tease my clit some more, bringing me higher. I start a slow teasing rhythm on him, he holds the base of his cock steady for me.

You wrap my ponytail around your hand, slam into me and at the same time, you push me down. He lets himself go and there he is, deep in my throat. He exhales another sublime grunt, I whimper.

You set up a punishingly slow rhythm, each thrust finishing with a slam that’s a shade too deep, it’s painful, my inner slut glories in being so used. With my ponytail, you keep my rhythm on him the same as yours. I can’t brace myself against this double attack, I am absolutely loving it. I relax into it and take the double fucking, a proper little fuck doll.

You must be communicating, or he gave you a signal, because, without pausing, you push me down on him and hold my head there. Seconds pass, he quivers, I gag. He pulls out and I take a gulp of air. He comes over my face, warm wetness, loops of it. I taste it, gorgeous. It sets you off too. You slam and slam again, then pull out coming over my arse.

I feel properly punished, jizz dripping down my arse and face. So hot and horny and unable to relieve myself.

You wipe his come away from my eyes, leaving it to drip from my chin and I’m still tied, rather desperate by now. I hear you unpacking the fucking machine. This evening is just getting better and better.

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