Threesome Weekend Part 4 – Tied and Ass Fucked

I feel you moving, hear you getting up. I’m feeling drowsy, sleepy. I watch you leaving the room, you smile at me, then close the door.

His arm is draped over me, his head tucked into my neck. His breath a subtlety on my shoulder. I don’t want to move lest I wake him. I close my eyes and focus on the tease of his whispering breath, just being. His arm a heavy possessive statement. I want to drift back to sleep, but his breath electrifies me.

Time passes, I hear you showering. I’m wet and desperate when he begins to stir. His muscles tensing, his arm pulling me closer, closer. His mouth finds my neck, my earlobe, sucking, paralysing me. Mmmh, his leg slips over my ankles, trapping them between his in another possessive statement.

He’s going home today, soon actually. You’re going to drive him to the airport after breakfast.

His cock is pressing against me now, I raise my hips a little and accept it between my cheeks, he rewards me with a groan in my ear.

You come back in bearing coffee. I slip out of his grip and go to freshen up, another quick shower and some teeth brushing later, I come in to discover the latex sheet on the bed.

“Be a good girl and get down on your front,” you say.

He’s standing there naked, all cock-hard and staring. I climb onto the bed and lie down, hips resting on the pillows you stacked under the sheet, obedient. You let the oil stream down. You stroke it all over me, rough and clinical.

“She’s yours, mate.”

You sit on the chair where I can see you and sip your coffee. He climbs on top of me. His thighs getting oily where he straddles me. He reaches to the top corner of the bed and takes hold of the cuff there. Ooh, yes, I want this!

In a split-second decision, I twist on the sheet, the pooled oil spreading over my front. I’m going to fight him, make it hard for him. I twist under him and try to sit up; he presses me down. His strength now becoming apparent. He moves up my body, his weight pressing down over my stomach, oily balls pressing into me, his cock crowned with a dot of precum, proud over my tits. I moan and try to sit up, to take him into my mouth, but he denies me the pleasure, instead grabbing my wrist and forcing me to turn under him. He secures my wrist.

Still, I fight, but he’s so much stronger than me and he has his weight on his side. Rubbing his balls over my side, he forces my body to fully twist, so I’m on my front again, tits pressed down into the sheet from his weight. My arm, pulled outwards; the other wrist secured.

He moves, gets up on his knees over me and I use the opportunity to get my knees under me, whip fast. I move up so the tension on my arms lessens.

“Mmm-mmh,” a noise of denial.

He grabs my ankles and pulls them out from under me, and whoomph, I’m on my stomach again. I kick out, not messing about, but he’s too strong. I give him my best struggling, I really do. But he slowly, inexorably overpowers me. An ankle is secured, and still I don’t give up. He takes a proper kick to the thigh. He actually growls, and then I feel the full force of his strength; he’s been toying with me until now! My ankle is quickly shackled.

I’m an oiled up, horny, soaking wet X on the bed, ass raised on the pillows, awaiting his pleasure.

Enragingly, you take this moment to engage him in conversation, letting him know about the construction site on the motorway. You talk flight details as though I’m not even there, as though both your cocks aren’t straining to be pleasured. Unbelievable!

So yeah, here I am, an X on the bed being ignored. The humiliation is so insanely hot; I embrace it. I squirm trying to rub my clit against the raised sheet, it’s so oily, the tiny amount of leeway I have to move just lets me have the gentlest sensation. You stop conversing to watch me struggling to get myself off.

I see you looking at him, you nod your head towards me. But he takes his time, finishes his coffee.

“What time do you want to leave?” he says.

You tell him, he looks at the clock. He has an hour.

“Best get on with it,” you say, like I’m a chore to be done!

I see his rock-solid cock and I desperately want to take him into my mouth, to lick that bead of precum off him, to taste him again, suckle him, but he doesn’t come near my mouth.

He places himself between my thighs and you pass him the lube. A gentle pressure and a butt plug is slipping into my ass.

Oh, mmh, he fucks my ass with it, his fingers slipping into my sopping, oiled up pussy. He tickles my g-spot, all the while fucking my ass with the plug. I feel my pleasure mounting, but he’s not taking his pleasure of me and I want him to, need him to. I need to give him this last gift before he flies home.

“Please,” I am actually begging, the desperation there in my voice.

He lets the plug slip out of me. Leans over me, his voice a whisper in my ear.

“Easy, little bird.”

I pull on my bonds, his voice an electric jolt to my nerves.

His fingers slipping out of my pussy, sliding around my clit. His cock beginning a gentle pressure against my ass.

I focus down to this pressure. I feel how truly vulnerable I am, and I deliberately lock up my safe-word. I want to feel ultimately vulnerable to his strength, his power, him. I want to let him have full ownership of me. I want him to claim me utterly, completely.

The pressure increases and he begins to slip inside of me. Slowly, oh so slowly filling me. Pushing into me, pushing through the first resistance. So slowly, so gently, it’s a caress. You’re watching, your eyes alight, a fire burning in you.

He’s balls deep in me now, they’re brushing at my clit. Deep inside, he starts a slow thrust. I whimper, it’s not that he’s hurting me, but that he’s being so damned gentle! He is just thrusting the barest amount.

“More, harder!” I am begging again.

And again, again he makes that noise of negation. He continues his slow tease of us both.

You’re smiling at this power play, your cock in your hand, playing. I have this insane urge to taste you, I watch you greedily, his cock doing its slow thing to my ass.

I pull at my bonds again, my body wanting to take control of this slow fuckery, but I can’t move, there’s just no give.  His fingers slip down to my clit, drawing slow, slow circles there.

“Please, please!”

And I don’t know what I’m begging for anymore.

“This what you want?”

And with that, he pulls out then slams himself in again. Your eyes hold mine.

“Yes, yes,” I breathe out.

He fucks hard into me, his circles fast now, you stand up, increasing your speed too.

I’m getting close, each breath a plea. He fucks roughly, his fingers working their magic and ..

Oh, oh, I come hard, my contracting muscles fighting his cock. My legs pulled wide apart, I feel my complete vulnerability.

He fucks me through my orgasm and as my contractions dwindle, I feel his cock pulsing in his own orgasm deep inside. He pulls out and you can’t help yourself, you take his place and ram yourself in, the lube he left lets you slide in easily. You fuck into me, and it feels so good in the aftermath, you fuck hard until you too come deep inside.

“Let’s get ready, you say. You two can ride in the back.”

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