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There was this article in my favourite newspaper. A particular, very admirable actress, had herself become inspired to find out more about what it is that makes women (and people who identify as female, please take that as a given going from here when I mention women) tick psychologically, sexually. She asked women to write to her, to share their sex fantasies. There was a book written in the 70s, which this actress mentioned in her article. She plans to write a modern day version of it. The book is a collection of anonymised fantasies from women.

I had thought before, that I was a depraved mess; you’ll discover why, if you read my blog. But it turns out I’m not – and you’re not either.  

I read it, this book. Gosh. This was where my voyage into the minds of other women began.

We’re all ordinary women with (mostly) ordinary fantasies, no matter how wild they feel in our heads at the time. You know, like the one where you’re just arriving at the park with your partner, and there are these pleasure stations at the entrance that they can hook you up to, so they do and … Oh dear, ok, sorry.

I wrote a fantasy and sent it off for her reading pleasure. Her request was what inspired me to write, so thank you, lady. 

I’m a British woman living with a German guy. Since we first met, our sex-life has been, well, let’s just call it more than a little interesting. I’ve been on a voyage of self-discovery with him, and I am loving it, absolutely loving where we are going. 

I also absolutely love writing about sex, I love putting it down and playing out the scenario in print. I do it for me, because it gets me so damned horny writing it down. And I share it with you, because I want to give you pleasure. I love the thought that something I wrote down brings happiness to someone I don’t know; to you. 

And so, here I am, with you, sharing my kinks, my reality and some fantasy. I so very much hope you enjoy yourself.

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