Naked Slave – Cleaning Your Office and Servicing You

You’re working from home. I am instructed to be naked, cleaning your office. Because you don’t want any noise interference, I’m limited in my cleaning tools.

Every so often you take a break, strictly adhering to the principle that one should rest the eyes often when working with screens. You summon me each time to the attic window. I go down on my knees below the level of the window each time and open my mouth. You open the window, your trousers and present my mouth with your cock while you take in the air and the view.

You don’t come, you just edge yourself until you feel you’re close. You stop yourself in time, each time, close your trousers over your stiff shaft and close the window. I close my mouth and get back to my chores.

Your desk is placed so you can keep an eye on me at all times. I place myself as much as possible to give you the view you desire as I go about my tasks. Plenty of soaking wet pussy, plenty of ass.

This is what is happening now:

I’m mopping the floor. I say mopping, but I’m actually not using a mop, rather I am on my hands and knees cleaning it with a small cloth, every so often I dunk the cloth in a bucket I am dragging quietly around with me and wring it out.

I make sure to spread my legs wide and always point my ass in your direction, so you can see by the colour of my pussy and the wetness around my thighs, just how horny being your slave is making me.

I’m mopping under your desk now. You stand up. When you sit again, your trousers and boxers are pulled down and your cock is standing proud. You beckon to me. I get to work immediately. Did I mention, I love being your slave?

I’m lost in the joy of blowing you, licking, sucking, suckling precum from you when you get a video call. I reluctantly slide my mouth off you, slowly, teasingly. You answer the call. I can tell it’s important, I prepare to continue cleaning before your desk, so you can enjoy the view while you do this meeting.

Your hand comes down hard on the back of my head, you wind your fingers into my hair and force me down, and deeply into my mouth you go. I wasn’t prepared and try to stifle the gagging, just as I feel I can’t, you pull me up again.

Your other hand comes down and I look up at you. You look down at me, hold my eyes a beat, all mischief. You touch your finger gently to my lips and engage in the meeting. I am thrust down again.

The gesture, the mischief in your eyes. Exciting! I must stay quiet, you must appear calm, unflustered.

You set a punishingly deep rhythm. I try hard not to choke. You are answering questions, sounding completely normal. I have to steal another look at you. You don’t look back, instead for my insolence, you force me down on you. I count the seconds, unable to breath while your cock pulses in my throat, eight seconds don’t choke, relax into it, twelve, will I tap your thigh? I think I might have to. Don’t gag! Tears come into my eyes from the effort of being silent, seventeen, you pull me back off you and I take deep quiet breaths. 

I am in full on slut toy mode now, delighted to be used, delighted to have my limits pushed and delighted by this challenge.

I look up at you again, you meet my eyes for a fraction of a second, you’re looking serious now, pupils dark, my tears excite you. We’re both crossing over into extreme horniness and we both know it.

You re-engage in the meeting, pushing my head down on you again. I brace myself. You continue the meeting as though nothing depraved is happening to you at all. My eyes are letting in too much light, I feel like a rabbit in headlights as you forcefully fuck my mouth. I still my fight or flight response and accept the fucking.

You do it again, we reach nineteen this time, before you pull out and let your load spray over me. It drips from my chin to my tits, my thighs, where it mingles with my juices, from there it drips to the floor and I catch my breath quietly, oh so quietly and dutifully mop it up, my desire stoking.

You stroke my cheek tenderly; I will be rewarded well and I can’t wait.

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