She Gives Head – A Rough Group Mouth-Fucking

She’s on her knees, naked, hands tied behind her back, attached via chains to her ankles. She’s blindfolded, kneeling in the middle of the room, waiting for us.

We’re in the kitchen having a drink. There’s me, him and a random we picked up in the pub earlier. Random knows the score.

She’s been waiting for over an hour now. I can just imagine the state she’s in, I grin at the others and open the door. We stare at her, she whimpers a little. He has her butt-plug and a wand vibrator in his hands. We surround her. She’s dripping, her inner thighs glistening, a small pool of her juices between her legs. I unzip my fly and her head immediately turns to me. She kneels up, stretching her chains to their limit, her hands pulled down behind her back, her hungry mouth questing my way. Look at her, what a gorgeuos little slut she is.

He hunkers down behind her, strokes her butt plug up and down her inner thighs. She takes me into her mouth and I harden inside her, it feels so good. She sucks hard, her tongue licking at me. He teases her clit with the butt plug and she lets her breath run over my shaft with a quiet moan. He teases on, all attentiveness.

The random guy looks at me, his hand on his fly and I nod to him. Random frees himself and stands next to me. Already hard, his shaft long. She is frowning around her blindfold; she wasn’t expecting three tonight.

Random spits on his hand, rubs his shaft with it, then he pushes it at her face, stroking her cheek roughly with his length. I take my cock in my hand and pop out of her mouth, my good little slut immediately turns her hungry mouth to random guy and takes him into her throat. Random rams it in, no mercy, she’s just a fuck-hole to him. She struggles, it makes me horny watching her struggle with a stranger’s cock ramming deeply into her sweet mouth.

He doesn’t like this much, and he wants in on the action. He finishes teasing her clit and pushes the butt-plug home. It’s bigger than her usual and she startles, letting random slip from her mouth. I take advantage, push myself into her mouth and she takes the length of me in, deep. She’s fighting to keep me in, a few seconds longer then I let her breath. He strokes her face, it’s intimate, but I let him have it. He’s playing with his dick. He’s possessive, jealous of the stranger. Sharing her with more than me gets him off, but he doesn’t like it.

I relinquish her mouth and he takes it. She knows his cock and gets to work enthusiastically. Random is playing hard, yanking himself. I run my cock around her face, stroking, slapping her cheek with it.

He’s losing himself in her, I love to watch her with him, its slut personified. He wants to pleasure her, he switches on the vibrator and rolls it over her nipples. We both know exactly what this is doing to her.

She’s deep-throating him now, and he’s close, his eyes hooded, breathing in short sharp gasps, gazing down at her taking his length in. Look at her, so desperate to please him, to please us all. He moans, she responds with a moan of her own. He freezes mid thrust, pulls himself out and comes, ribbons of spunk covering her face and tits. Her tongue snakes out to taste it, then random rams himself in. I stand back a little to watch the show, stroking myself all the while.

My slut is behaving beautifully. He’s behind her now, his hands through between her legs. Four fingers of one hand deep inside her pussy, the wand held fast to her clit in the other. She’s moaning, struggling to give random her undivided attention. He pulls out and covers her in his own jizz.

The sight of her is arresting at this moment. Chained there on her knees all hot, horny vulnerability, covered in jizz, him doing her a number from behind. I take up my position and thrust into her mouth. She licks and sucks like her life depends on it, moaning and rocking on his hands. He grins up at me, her orgasm is starting, her moans loud from the intensity of his ministrations. I hold myself still in her mouth, enjoying the feeling of her coming completely undone before these men, still struggling to give me her best head through her own mind-blowing orgasm.

As her moans subside, I pull out and come over her too.

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