Fear and Desire – Belt-Whipped and Fucked by a Stranger in a Dark Carpark

It started in the carpark.

We glided into a space at the end of the row, I needed to use the washroom rather desperately. Of course, you chose a space quite far away, so you can watch me tottering along as fast as I can in the fuck-me heels we chose for this outing.

You smirk at me and drop fifty pence into my bag. I open the door and get gracelessly out of the car.

I feel my ass wobbling freely through the short, silky skirt we’d chosen and I hitch the hem down a little. I’m doing that not quite walk, not quite run thing, that those of us who rarely wear heels employ, when racing for the last bus home. I would be creating a spectacle, but it’s dark and the carpark is empty. I reach into my bag for the coin and there’s a roaring sound before me. I don’t break my trotting-totter as a biker thunders past me, the helmeted head turning towards me.

Ah, relief! I gather my dignity and walk sedately out. In the darkness, I stumble. I catch myself before I fall, my pulse quickening, a sudden sense of dread and I flip into fight-or-flight mode. Walking back to the car, heart beating fast, I see you in a pool of light, shaking hands with the biker. You open the driver side door and turn to watch me approach; I hurry.

The biker steps onto the path, blocking me. He stands in his leathers, legs apart, watching me, his gaze insolent, smirking at me. He is bearded with a close shaved head, tattooed. He folds his arms over his chest, his stance a threat.

Passing him, so close to him, I falter to a stop under the intensity of his gaze. Danger! My nerves are fizzling, his eyes are dark, his smirk disappears. My body turns fully towards him; he has this power, this magnetism and I don’t have a choice. He is darkness – solidity.

We stare at each other, there is danger there. Violence. My clit tingles and I feel my nipples harden in the cool air. I have to swallow, there’s too much spit in my mouth. He tilts his chin up at me, stares down his nose at me. I’m small, inspected. He steps closer to me, staring down at me. He strips off his gloves, his eyes swallowing my nerve.

His fingers reach toward me, towards my neck. His thumb in the hollow at my throat, he surely feels how fast and hard my heart is hammering. His fingers spread at the back of my neck, warm, so dry, rough. He lets them slide down under the neckline of my blouse and I shiver, my whole body shivers and my nipples grow even harder. Still he stares violence down at me, his thumb tracing a line over my throat, I feel my vulnerability. His power is consuming. My eyes drop and I snatch a breath in. I want to, I have to move away from him. Before I can, his hand snakes up my neck into my hair he turns my head up to him, he tilts my face up to his.

He’s too much.

I need grounding.

A breath on my neck, you. “Look at him,” your voice a low buzz in my ear. Of course I obey you. His eyes, pools of darkness. He looks pure menace down at me. I cannot move my head. My breath catches, gets stuck inside me. And I’m thrilling, pulsing, naked fear warring my desire.

He glances at you over my shoulder, the weight of his eyes lifted from me for just a moment. But then you buzz in my ear, “remember your safe word.” My sense of my own peril skyrockets.

His fingers uncurl, disengage from my hair, but I’m caught. I hear you unbuckling your belt. He takes the front of my blouse in both of his hands. His eyes hypnotising, great pools of darkness. I hear your belt slowly sliding free, leather on denim, that distinctive, delicious sound, loop by promising loop. In one motion he yanks his hands apart, buttons pop and I spill free into the cool night air. My arms begin to fly up, but too late, you have my wrists secured to my sides. You breathe into my ear, onto my neck, the slightest touch of your lips and I’m paralysed, I’m rendered helpless. I cannot move. Your belt slips free into your hands.

My gaze flicks to his right hand, palm open, back to his eyes, expressionless. Your belt handed to him. His eyes and your breath hold me prisoner, he stretches your belt between his hands, before my eyes, I swallow again. He folds it once, twice, hefts it, snaps it, slaps it into his palm, testing it, once, twice, and oh, oh.

Faster than I thought possible there is this searing pain on the underside of my tits, I gasp my breath in. He whips and whips, they bounce from the force of it. My clit is just thrilling, pulsing and l lean in towards him. The belt changes direction, snapping at my nipples, barely catching them, but the pain is exquisite.

Soon they are warm and glowing red all over. He stops and I sway towards him, I’m horny, on fire. You steady me.

But he’s not done yet. He grabs my wrist and yanks me at a fast clip to your car. I totter-stumble behind him, trying not to fall. He yanks me again and I do fall, hands splayed on the bonnet, my glowing tits mashed down, their heat matching the heat coming through from the engine.

He tugs my silky little skirt up over my waist. I see him standing over me, you move to the other side of the bonnet, watching all the while.

He hefts the belt again and I brace myself, a desperate pulsing of my clit warmth in the pit of my stomach, the core of me.

The split second whizz of your belt and my ass lights up. Pain. Glorious, delicious pain. Stripe by stripe, he lines them up, one after another until he has covered my whole ass with his violence. My breath coming in fast hitches.

Still he’s not done. He doesn’t hold back, works his way down again, I whimper-grunt my acceptance of the beating, my jaw clenched against sound.

It stops. He stops. I breathe in, push the breath out. My ass glowing brighter than my tits. The pain is hard-wired to my clit. I’m on fire, my clit a screaming hot nub, as hot as my ass is.

Behind me, I watch him free his cock from the leathers, he applies a condom.

Even in these heels, he’s too tall, but he squats, muscle definition plain, even through his leathers. He puts a hand on my back, pushing me down. He pulls my soaked wet thong to the side and in one swift hard stroke, he’s in. 

He fucks me hard, hammering into me and how I feel it, his leathers slapping at my tender burning ass with every thrust. His hand presses me down against the car. He is silent. Just slams me full, fast and furious.

He grabs my hips and uses them to make me fuck him. I balance as best I can in my heels and support myself with my elbows, lifting my tits, to stop them rolling over the bonnet of your car, I glance up at you, you’re grinning at my discomfort and bam, my horniness ratchets up even more.

He grunts as he comes, ferociously plunging then he lets me go, pushing my back down again and freeing himself. You slip behind me, his motorbike roaring away, your fingers skating around my desperate, needy clit and skin-on-skin you claim my pussy, pumping every bit as hard as he did.

It doesn’t take us long.

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