Threesome Weekend: The Spanking

There were two more encounters I wanted to write up from the threesome weekend. The first is the promised spanking: “Oh, naughty girl, you’re getting a good spanking from each of us later, you whisper into my ear. Still staring into his eyes, I see his reaction to this, his thrill … There’s a promise of violence in his eyes that I find I don’t want to escape.” Oh, how I love a good spanking, and what better than to be spanked by two men, instead of one?

Fear and Desire – Belt-Whipped and Fucked by a Stranger in a Dark Carpark

Yeah, so this one is a fantasy. We had stopped at a rest-stop on a recent trip and I went to use the loo. On my way out, alone in the dark, I encountered this cliche of a guy in biker leathers. He stared so openly and insolently at me, and bam, my inner slut woke up. In that split second, I let my imagination take over and felt this delicious sense of fear, saw danger in his eyes. He stared me down, cold and brash, rude. I wonder if he could read what was going on in my head by how I looked at him. I just had to explore the encounter. The story is in the buildup, the fucking is just an after-thought.