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Sometimes there’s nothing so hot as being on the receiving end of a good spanking. Yeah, I’ll even take a whipping. Pleasure-pain mmmh, so hot. This one is just for fun, he gave me the option to be whipped and I took it. So here it is, another spanking blog.

Another Spanking Blog – Bend Over the Table!

We’re watching TV, we’ve had a bit of wine and a teasing kind of day. There’s this residual horniness between us. I squeeze your ankle and stroke your leg.

You look at me, smiling.

“Come here.”

I crawl over to you and kiss your nose. Lick your bearded chin. Your hands slide into my hair and you kiss my lips. Then, pulling my head back, you slide your lips oven my chin, down my neck to that point where my neck joins my shoulder, the point that drives me wild. You suck and lick.

One of your hands leaves my hair and you push my top up. You plunge your hand into my bra and grab a tit, pulling it roughly free, then the other. I put my hands onto your shoulders, steadying myself, you take a nipple into your mouth, keeping my head at this awkward angle.

I love feeling like this, helpless to your onslaught. Feeling like you’re just going to help yourself to whatever you want from me. It’s hot enough, when you don’t also include my erogenous zones. But this!

I moan in pleasure, my clit throbbing, pushed against your thigh.

You let go of my hair with one hand, pick up one of my tits in it and you squeeze it hard, presenting my nipple. The other is still in your mouth, you suck and nip it lightly, letting go of my hair so you can grip that tit too. I watch you now, this sight so hot, a tit squeezed hard, pulled forward in each hand, you sucking the presented nipples, hooded eyes catching mine, closing, catching mine again.

Another moan from me and you drop my tits and push me backwards off you. Unbuckling your belt, then freeing it. I sit back, watching you with wide, desperate eyes.

“Get up off your sexy arse and bend yourself over the table,” you say.

My clit tringles! I quickly obey, jumping off the sofa, all eagerness. I bend over the kitchen table, rest my bare tits on the wood. My arms bent at the elbows, I grip the sides of the table. You throw my skirt up over my back, revealing said arse.

You rub and stroke it, grab handfuls and squeeze. Then you step back and I wait. I imagine the sight of me bent over like this. I imagine you appraising me, and I wait. You are silent. Anticipation builds. I expect at any moment to be fucked or whipped, but nothing happens.

Tension high, I turn my head towards you.

“Be still!”

It’s a warning. I consider being good, being still, waiting some more. Seeing what happens, what my reward for being a good girl will be. I love it when you’re pleased with me.

But I also love it when you punish me, and let’s be honest here, you already have your belt in your hands. You want me to disobey you. I grip the table harder, brace myself and turn my head to look at you.

Pain! Before I processed the sound of your belt whizzing through the air; delicious pain, a searing line of fire across my arse.

Thrilling, I feel how my arse takes the blow and imagine the rippling waves it caused on impact. You stroke and rub it, massaging the pain into it. Then another whizz and another line of fire. A third time and I can’t help wiggling.

You hook a finger into my skimpy little knickers and pull them aside. I’m so wet and you do that beautiful noise of approval. You know, the one that always makes me feel like a good little slut. You push your cock inside me, you’re not gentle. You hold me down, one hand on my back and with the other you spank, grope and squeeze my arse. You’re thrusting harshly and I have to hold the edge of the table to brace myself, so I don’t get mashed between you and it.

I get hotter and hornier, your fucking is boarder-line painful and it’s building me up.

You just use me, you hold me down, your slutty little fuck-doll, and you fuck me hard and fast, all the while groping and spanking my sore, tender arse. You’re relentless with your punishing hands and your punishing cock.

And then it’s over, you pull out and come over my arse. You rub it in in slow circles, then you spank me some more. I’m sticky with your jizz.

You slide your hand down between my legs. “Stay still and I’ll make you come.”

Instead, I turn my head and grin at you. I’m punished by (or should I say rewarded with?) some clit and cunt spanking, it’s rhythmic, only mildly painful. It goes on until, humiliatingly, it tips me over and I come, face down on the table. You continue spanking, until I am done.

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