A Toy Soldier Size Fantasy

I recently read a brilliantly crafted story,”Facesitting and size fantasy” published as a guest blog by GOTN written by Arborigen. If you haven’t already read it, it is well worth the read. I found it really moving and got inspired to write a stoy in the genre. Here it is, a toy soldier size fantasy.

A Toy Soldier’s Awakening: Being her Dildo

Awareness, darkness. Cold metal, touch of self.

Eyes opening, vastness. Next to you there are others.

Every night she comes, naked to her toy box. She chooses one, brings it to her bed. You watch its fate play out; smothered by her, used by her, mothered by her for hours. You want so badly, and you are so very jealous. But you are just a toy soldier, you cannot speak.

Night after night her fingers hover over you, but she does not select you. None of your other compatriots are aware, they really are just toy soldiers. You’re lonely, but your obsession won’t let you see it. You feel sick with need.

Each day lasts a lifetime for you. You watch her, yearning for her. Every day you pray it will be you she selects, but every night it is some other toy soldier to please her needs. You have been waiting half a lifetime for her. Every night she picks up another one, not you. 

Is there a defect? You cannot see yourself; you cannot know. Desolate and scared, you begin to despair. She has never even touched you. She is everything to you, you are nothing to her.

You just can’t take it anymore, the hope, the jealousy. The crushing despair. You start to cry, astonishing yourself, real tiny tears.

Her head spins her eyes lock on the toy box. She approaches fast. The full intense colourful light of her gaze floods you.

She fastens you between her fingers, lifts you. Her fingers are gentle despite their size. She peers at you with eyes as wide across as your head. You marvel at the depths of colour in those huge globes. Her regard is oddly soothing.

“Ah, oh, real!” The words are deafening in their quietness, her breath blowing over you. After a lifetime of waiting, your senses are alive to her, your despair turns to awe. If she puts you back in the box now, the curse of your life will have been worth it just for this touch.

But she doesn’t put you back. Instead, she pulls out the binding that covers her enormous, mountain-like breasts during the day. She lifts one of her breasts with her huge hand and places you beneath it against the binding. She lets her breast settle over your solid shape, adjusting around you with its monumental weight. It envelopes you almost completely. Her nipple swaddles your face, molds itself around your head.

She gets on with her daily life, you are rocked and swayed by her movement.

Your metal exterior warms against her. The weight of her breast is considerable, and you realise you begin to feel it. You are becoming very slightly malleable with the heat she imparts to you.

Under your metal exterior, you discover a sensation of something hardening halfway down your metal body. It continues to harden and all you can think about is how it feels. The feeling is wonderous, with it comes a lust greater than you have ever felt in your life. You cannot touch this thing, you don’t know what it is, but it drives you wild. 

You find you can move slightly. Her gorgeously soft nipple (you can feel how soft it is now) is enticing you, but you don’t understand the feeling. You move your head against it. Her movements freeze, you feel a hand envelope the tiny rest of you, that has not been engulfed by her breast. Completely covered by her now. She holds her hand very still to the binding and your body wiggles with excitement. 

Her nipple suddenly hardens, pushing your head back. Your whole body adjusts to her hardening nipple, your own swelling becomes even greater, you feel like you will burst through your exterior, but it holds, the pressure intensifying your desire. And what is this? Your head becomes wet. Surprised, you find you can taste something deliciously sweet. A drop of her milk. She uses her hand to push you further into her breast, she shudders out a sigh. Her milk covering you, wetting her binding. She breathes out a sigh, rolls you back and forth, her nipple a hard, milky mass. Her milk unstops your mouth. You can breathe! You suck in great breaths between the rolls and let them out again. Oh, the sensation!

She stops rolling you. The pressure at your core has lessened with the realisation of your own life. She begins moving again, her breast rocking you. You open your mouth as wide as you can and fasten on to a part of her nipple. She freezes, touches you tentatively. A drop of milk fills your mouth completely. You can’t swallow it fast enough, it leaks out and over you and you feel hungry for the first time in your life. Your mouth sucks at her greedily, drop after drop flow from her huge hard nipple, covering you completely. Your own swelling becoming painful from its constriction. But you cannot stop yourself, your hunger drives you on. 

She starts moving again and you can sense purpose in her movements. Your milk-slicked metal form slides against her breast with her movement now. There is a feeling of vertigo and the tremendous weight is lifted from you. Your warm dark cocoon suddenly fills with light and you actually feel cold. You have been cold all your life, but now you know how it feels!

Her fingers take you into their grip again and you are pulled out from under her breast, your body gliding over her hardened leaking nipple. You feel every part of this with your new, hyper-sensitivity. It gives your swelling an electric jolt of pleasure. She brings you up to her eyes, she turns you this way and that, running fingers over you, her expression a picture of rapture.

“Real little tin man,” her enormous lips breathe the words over you and you feel a wave of shock. Her breath, sweetly fragrant, gloriously warm, thrilling. You revel in her observance, your being complete.

“Mmmh,” her eyes greedy, she brings you closer to her impossibly big face, to her lips, her gargantuan tongue snaking out of her mouth. She licks you, from the base of your tin feet to the top of your soldier hat. To you this moment stretches out into an infinity of sensation; that muscle that is her tongue, sinuous, knowing. It dips into every cast corner of your creation. You feel it, the initial slow sensuous stroke, followed by the probing tip, questing, tasting. Your swelling intensifies as her tongue begins its slow sweep over it, very aware of the texture her tongue. Her tip lingers on your swelling and with your new breath, the gentlest of sound escapes you.

She holds you before her eyes again. Her look becomes devious, her mouth opens and faster than you can imagine, you are in warm wet darkness. She holds your ankles and pushes you deeper so your soldier hat touches the back of her throat. Oh, such heat!

Slowly she pulls you out of her mouth again, her lips a sensual pressure on every part of you, every contour.

Again she holds you up to the light, her mouth quirked in a smile, her eyes dark with desire. She lays you down, rises from the bed, stands enormous before you and undresses. She unwinds the cloth binding her breasts and they spill free. Immense globes sloping upwards. She removes her skirt and stands naked above you. Your eyes travel upward, from her knees over her monumental thighs, to her triangle thatch of hair where her legs join. She is a marvel to behold. You see a wide ribbon of her juices leak from her cleft and it both terrifies you and excites you. You shiver.

She lays herself next to you, picks you up and again takes you into her mouth, you lie on the bed of her tongue. A sigh of contentment escapes you.

She rolls your body over her breasts, her nipples hardening under you and then you are guided onward, over the landscape of her stomach, through a sea of her hair, to her cleft. She takes your booted feet into her fist, the fingers from her other hand spread her outer labia wide, she reveals her sex to you completely. She holds you over herself for a full minute and you study it greedily. 

The colours are glorious, her inner labia a pinkness darkening to a deep wine-red from her engorged arousal. Her swollen clitoris, standing proudly out from its hood. The darkened pucker of her anus. And her juices, she is slick with her arousal. Her whole labia, half as big as you are tall.

She places you carefully between her legs, and then she lets you go and crosses her legs over you, tightening them. Your body is squashed by the power of her thighs to her pussy, her juices spread over you. Your head close to her anus. She holds you in this darkness, warmth suffusing you, your own swelling becoming ever greater. 

Then her fingers fasten onto your feet and she uses you to tease her clitoris. Your head slides over it, glides over her lips, the hardness of your body flattening them. You feast on the sensations, the springiness of her lips and the hardness of her clit, but all glidingly smooth. The matted hair, covered in her juices, her soaking wet pussy unashamed and wanting. She presses your head into her clit and you open your mouth, sucking at it. 


Her sigh emboldens you, you open your mouth as wide as you can and suck it in. It fills your mouth completely, your bottom lip brushes at her hood. You suck at it, building a rhythm, it squashes your tongue to the base of your mouth in its immensity. Her breathing quickens and she shudders, a shiver running through her. 

Suddenly she pulls you off and thrusts your soldier’s hat inside her vagina. Your head follows, her flesh parting, giving way to the pressure of your hard body. Your shoulders resist, but she pushes and they follow, the rest of you gliding in easily after. Your head and shoulders enter the cavity inside her. Rich, dark wetness.

She uses you, vigorously thrusting your body into her. Your shoulders raking over all of the right points of her with each thrust. The tightness at the entrance of her glides back and forth over the hard swelling at the front of you and you begin to feel blind with pleasure, overwhelmed. The feeling builds and builds. Suddenly, your whole body goes tense, you teeter and your hard exterior dissolves. You come for the first time in your life, an explosion of pure bliss. You reach a hand down, feel your cum spurting out of you. In wonder, you reach your arms out and feeling the springy slickness that is her core.

She pulls you out again and puts your mouth to her clit. You obediently take her into your mouth and suck at her until she comes in a rush of wetness. 

After, she does not put you back in the toy box. She cradles you to her breast and you let her heartbeat rock you to sleep. You are her favourite toy; you will not be lonely again.

2 thoughts on “A Toy Soldier Size Fantasy”

  1. Fantastic piece! It was very easy to slide myself into the action and experience the tender ministrations of this Goddess. I loved that it was as playful as it was sensual and physical.

    1. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m really very glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to make the Goddess an innocent too, also lonely, but she hadn’t realised it.

      It was very interesting and surprisingly hot to write; good to delve into (to me) unchartered territories of kink. And though it’s not my cup of tea, I can honestly understand the attraction.

      There is something very similar going on to elements I enjoy about the kink I explore in real life. Giving over complete control to another. It’s soothing and extremely hot to let someone else make the decisions about what is happnening in the shared moment you’re in.

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