Sunday Morning Fuckery

Another Sunday morning. He woke with a boner and decided to make use of it. I let my imagination run wild, enhancing the fuck. And we’re going to add a new toy to our box. Sunday morning fuckery is so delicious.

Sunday Morning Fuckery

Sunday morning, lying about in bed, feeling the usual Sunday morning feelings; lazy, warm and so very horny. You pulled me to you, morning wood pressing against me. Your hands explored my body, stroking down my sides, resting on my hip, pulling me even closer. It didn’t take you long to find my wetness.

“You are one dirty girl, what’s going on in that head of yours?” 

Flashes of memory, commanded to stillness, heat! Being used. The kitchen table, his cock in my mouth … coming undone around your cock.

“I was remembering the kitchen, cooking with my colleague. I’d like to do something like that again. Only, this time I just want to be a set of fuck holes.” Feeling shy sharing this with you.

“Is that so?”

We considered it, your fingers gliding over my pussy, teasing my clit, your cock pushing at my ass.

“Yes, please. Pure fuck-doll mode.”

“We can arrange it, I’ll invite some buddies,” you said, “maybe try out the new game.”

“I could serve you food, drinks. Just be ready to be a fuck hole.”

I’d be really dirty, really slutty. I’d wear peephole knickers, a quarter cup bra, stockings, maybe a silly little skirt that doesn’t quite cover my ass and nothing else. I’d have a tray, like one of those girls who used to sell ice-cream in the cinema. It would be a condition that I must not let go of the tray no matter what happened, while serving you. Oh misogyny! Hands groping me, patting my ass, spanking at me. I’d be ordered to stand still for a moment, one of your buddies freely exploring my tits, then spanking me on my way to the next. Maybe he’d put fingers inside my cunt, checking how many he can slide in. I’d obediently widen my stance for him. I’d be walking, smiling, uncomplaining fuck-doll wearing too much makeup, with all my assets on display, ready and very willing to take anything given to me. Mmm.

“No, a buffet affair, you’ll be part of it.”

You pulled my hips closer to you, positioned your cock against my wetness, I moved to give you better access. You slid in, slowly.

I imagined food being eaten off me. Imagined lying naked on the table with chocolate placed in strategic places, melting onto me, (into me?) ready to be sucked off. You and your buddies (how many?) playing your game. Me waiting, getting hotter and hornier with each passing moment. My juices beginning to pool under me, a trace of chocolate in them. Until the moment where you take a break and all of you approach me, inspect me, maybe poke or prod me, touch me, grope at me. Stand around eating, then go back to your game, chocolate untouched. Oh, that would be maddeningly hot.

But that wasn’t what you meant. 

“You’ll be stretched out, plugged up, tied to the table,” you told me. “We’ll be in the den, you’ll wait alone.”

I thought about this, the anticipation of waiting alone for your pleasure, your buddies coming in at random for a go on the fuck-doll. Pulling out a plug, lubing up and fucking me. Oh, so hot.

You slid out of me, pushed me face down on the bed and straddled me, forced your way back into my pussy. You held my wrists in a bruising grip next to my shoulders and started fucking at me again hard and fast.

“Oh, that’s good. Mmmh.”

“We’re going to need a spreader bar.” This statement and how you grunted it out spoke straight to my clit, I thrilled. You brought yourself close then pulled out of me, let my wrists go.

I rolled under you, smiling up at you and you moved to straddle my chest, your cock presented to me. I took you into my mouth, watching your eyes, my own juices slick on my tongue. My hands cupping your ass, I grinned at you around your cock.

“You are such a dirty little slut.” That note of approval in your voice again. Mmmh.

Fucking my face hard then. I watched your eyes darken, watched your expression change to that moment of bliss, you pulled out and came, warm ribbons decorating my face. You denied me, left me a wet horny mess, desperate to come and glorying in not.

Later we did some shopping. The spreader bar arrived today. But I can’t wait for next weekend to try it. I’m desperately hot, you have denied me since Sunday, and I am not allowed to play. I have a date tonight with you and the fuck machine, and you have promised to make me come, at least twice. I’m already wearing my butt-plug.

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