Threesome Weekend Part 2 – Relentlessly Fucked by a Machine

Waking up, there’s this moment of confusion, I’m warmed from both sides and my body just feels so good. It takes me a moment to remember. 

After you finally let me out of the hogtie, we cuddled together on the sofa. I went to bed first, tired out and much satiated, after having serviced you both and the infernal, breathtakingly relentless fucking machine.

You’d both fucked me, twice each, and me tied all the while. Your fuck doll. And I delighted in it, loved it. 

The first time, flitting memories, you ramming it that last little bit so I felt that moment of pain at the deepest part of me, your not strictly necessary hand in my hair, forcing me down on him. 

And then, oh, you’d hauled out the fucking machine. He hadn’t seen it in action before. I was to be a demonstration. I was moved to the position I was in when you overpowered me.

Me being such a horny desperate mess, sliding the dong at its fullest extension deep inside me would have been no issue for you. But you lubed it up first anyway. You handed him control and popped to the kitchen to get drinks for you both. He sat down next to me and I looked at him. He smirked at me, toying with the remote. And then he switched it on.

The dong is wide, wider than either of you, and it’s shaped like an over the top caricature of a cock. I feel the ridges of its head in a way that I don’t feel yours or his. You’d put it in a position so that on its way in and out, the ridge would rake over my g-spot. 

Yeah, so he switched it on like I said. The speed was super slow, you came back in and gave him a beer. You sat on the other side of me, I turned to look at you. You ignored me completely and started talking with him about the machine, pointing at parts of it.

She can even be fucked standing up, you told him. Turn it up, she can handle it.

He cranked up the speed, all at once, so it was suddenly, relentlessly hammering into me, pistoning faster than I’d ever dared go with it. Its remorseless, inhuman speed notching me up higher and higher with each passing second. 

My memory gets a bit hazy here. You told him about the speed the machine can reach. He seemed surprised about how quietly it fucked me, considering how fast it was going. Turned it up another couple of levels to see if it got noisy.

You both got up to view it from behind me. You dripped more lube onto the dong. I do remember you pointing out to him that it was also fucking your still dripping jizz into me. He asked if I would need a break before you both fucked me again. I do, I wanted to say, yes please, I do, but I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. I could only focus on what that machine was doing to my pussy.

I don’t really remember anything else you said from there. For me, time became irrelevant. There was only me and the machine and the buzz of your voices. I was on the edge, and building, and I needed to come, but I just kept building! I grunted out my frustration. I was drenched in sweat, my heart rate up, muscles taut and shaking, I was so desperately on the edge, the machine pistoning pitilessly, unyielding, fucking, fucking. 

Until suddenly it stopped. I realised I was actually crying with frustration, desperation, tears on my cheeks. 

Please, I said, please!

Alright, love, you said.

You pulled it out of me, it raked over my g-spot for the last time that evening, left me shuddering, so empty. Gentle hands positioned me again and you nodded to him. He took the position you had before and lowered himself down so the latex of the hogtie pulled my feet up again. He leant over me, hands on either side of me, and his breath came on my back for a long moment, lifting the tiny hairs there, despite the sweat, and then ….

And then he licked me, and it was sweet agony. All my senses alive, all my nerves tingling. He licked again, and my whole body spasmed in a shiver.

You knelt in front of me and caressing my cheek, you pushed your cock into my mouth. I was grateful, this was something I knew how to do, something to bring back my focus.

He slipped easily into my widened sopping pussy. And again, grateful, I so desperately needed to be filled.

This time there was none of the slowness, this time you both fucked me hard, and I needed that too. He slipped his hand around me and pinched my clit, I gasped around you. You let your fingernails graze lightly over my back and my shoulders as you fucked my mouth, uncontrollable shivers wracking me. He kept the lightest pinch on my clit, gently rolling it between his fingers. 

Falling, I came hard, muscles shaking and juddering, unformed words falling over your cock. He paused his fucking, stuck deep inside me, to feel my coming undone around him. But you, you did not pause your ferocious fucking of my mouth. It only made me come harder. After, a spent mess I took the fucking and I bore it well, until you were both done.

Such a good little slut, you said, stroking your come over my cheek.

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