Dirty-Talk: Sexting you at the office

Woke up with you beside me, feeling the warmth from your body. You moved closer, spooning me, your hand sweeping my hair back, your lips on my shoulder, breath light and warm on my skin.

You pulled my hips closer so I could feel your morning wood against my ass. This had the usual effect on my already excited libido, and I could feel my physical reaction, my clit and cunt saying a very bright and vivid good morning.

“Tempted to call in sick.”

“Yeah, but you won’t, will you?”

You slipped your cock between my legs, let it rest there, your hand stroking over my hip and thigh, fingertips tracing big lazy circles over my ass, causing goosebumps. You continued this, until my whole awareness was centered there, on my ass, until it felt like my ass was the only real thing in the world and there was numbness at the edge of your touch.

“No, I won’t.”

Too sick to move

And now, you’re gone. And I’m desperate.

I have a choice here, do I wank, or do I wait and edge myself on all day long, until you get home?

I sent you a text at work:

I’m so fucking horny.

Yeah, me too, was so close to slipping into you this morning and fucking the daylights out of your sopping cunt. Turns me on how wet you get.

Pity you didn’t just call in sick, I had all sorts of half formed erotic thoughts on how to make you better.

Now that I want to hear about. I was very tempted, but you know, understaffed as it is.

Aww, yeah I know, can’t leave it all up to Petra, she’d blow a gasket.

I don’t want to talk about Petra, I’m sick! How’re you going to make me better? Details!

Okay okay!

In my half-formed fantasy, I was a nurse in a tight white uniform, made of thin shirt-cotton. You were sick, slightly feverish and horny as hell, but not able to do much. There was a fleeting bath scene; you’re in the bath, I’ve just washed your hair. Now I’m being all professional-nurse-like in my uniform, bending over you and soaping your back, your legs, your chest and stomach… your cock. That seems to need a lot of attention. My chest pushes into your bearded face, so I feel the bristles tickling my nipples through the thin material. Water drips from your hair and seeps into the material, making it transparent where it pulls tightly across my tits. You’re aware of it, but you feel weak. You want to rip my uniform open and suckle my titties, but you can’t move, your hands won’t obey you. (because you’re sick, remember? Heh!)

That’s a very new thing.

You’re super frustrated and I have all the power.

Bad new, or good new?

Well, I’m hard as fuck here under my desk. Tell me more.

I have your dirty cock in my healing hands. It’s so dirty, it needs a proper cleaning and I tell you so. We both look at it; it’s straining, its glistening head poking out of the water through my clasped fingers. I reach behind you for the soap and you turn your head so I blind you with the sodden material of my uniform, my tits pressing deliberately hard into your face. You groan.

I have a meeting soon, need to calm my fucking dick down.

Hah, good luck with that.

Fucking dick, umm, yes please.


Shower break and a titty tease

Alright, okay! I’ll go take a shower then, maybe bring my rabbit.

You aren’t helping! God I want to fuck your ass.

My ass today? I’d like that.

Naughty girl! Just go, take your bloody shower! My balls need a break!

I grabbed my rabbit and got naked. Stood in front of the full length mirror in the hallway, all provocative with rabbit placed strategically, snapped a pic and sent it to you. With a little note:

Enjoy your meeting 😉

Nothing came back, so I showered.

I didn’t play, saving my desperation for you. Mmmh. Here’s another pic for your collection!

You must have had quite the morning.

Oh dear, you have no idea haha

How was your meeting?

Tedious. Very erm … strained.

Hahaha, good.

I should be able to get away soon. So what’s going on with your titties?

So sensitive now.

Details. What did you do to them?

Well, you know the wave vibrator? A couple of minutes on the highest setting, then the suction cups and then the clamps.

And you didn’t play?


Good girl 

But, sending me pictures like that when I’m in a meeting is not good behaviour. 


No, you aren’t! I can see that grin on your face from here. Gonna punish your titties when I get in.

Oooh. How?

You’ll find out soon enough.

Still sick! Milking your dick

I’m still sick btw

Oh yeah

So I help you get out of the bath, you’re really weak, you lean back against the sink, have to hold it with both hands so you don’t collapse. I dry you off slowly. Your dick is still properly hard. Taking your balls in one hand, I wrap the other around your dick and milk it. You gaze at my hands, lips parted, mouth open, your breath hitching. I milk you until a drop of precum appears, with one finger, I steal the drop, bring it to my lips, I watch you watching my finger. I smear the drop onto my tongue, drag my finger over my bottom lip and grin at you.

Such a damn tease

I help you to the sofa then. We get you comfortably stretched out all naked and I throw a blanket over you. You’re blatantly staring at my tits through my wet uniform.

You bet I am. Are you just gonna tease me or what?

Poor diddums. I make you a nice cup of tea to help you with your man-flu.

Watch it.

Alright, alright! 

I put the tea on the coffee table and shuffle myself onto the sofa, settle your head on a cushion on my lap, just exactly so if it weren’t for the uniform, your mouth could reach my nipples. Slide my hand under the cover and grab your rock-solid dick into my fist, squeezing you hard.

I like where this is going.

With my other hand, I pop the top-most press stud of my uniform open. Your eyes darken. I’m still squeezing your dick really hard, it’s painful but titillatingly pleasurable at the same time. You’re silent, but I want a reaction from you.

You drive me crazy.

Yeah, I know. I pop the second press-stud, still squeezing. My uniform strains from the pressure my squashed tits are putting on the material. It starts to gape between the studs. You’re staring and you’re looking really greedy. I love it when you look at me that way. I pop another stud, another until my tits fall free, open the material out.

About time.

Taking one in my hand, I squeeze it, presenting my nipple to your mouth and you fasten on. I tell you what a good boy you are.

You’re really asking for it, aren’t you? 

You suckle, doing all those teasing things with your teeth and your tongue. I play with you, wank your cock, present my other tit and wank you some more. Then I tell you it’s time to sleep, sick boys need their rest, and don’t forget to drink your tea.

Right, on my way. Be ready, and remember your safe-word. I’m gonna punish those titties and own your ass.

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