Going Solo with a Kinky Stranger- Part 2: The Encounter

A work function, an offer from a stranger. He came to my room, we got naked and here we were.

Continuing on from Part 1.

Going Solo with a Stranger: Part 2.

Hands on the wall, spread your legs wide.

A few minutes later, I was on my knees in the shower. He had commanded me to be in this position; a classic sub-pose, legs spread wide, hands behind my head, eyes down-cast, feeling comfortable with my nudity, waiting.

He washed the day from his body, warm soapy water splashing down over me. I watched the bubbles pool around his toes, spreading, passing me on the way to the drain. Cold air at my back. I was shivering from the cold and my raw emotion.

“Get up, Slut.”

I got up and he turned me away from him, used his body to squash mine against the cold tiles of the shower wall. I found I needed this. I needed to feel him using his body to subdue mine. He compressed my body with his, and his superior strength soothed me. He placed my palms flat against the tiles, just above the level of my shoulders, pulled my body against his warm chest, so I wasn’t pressed against the tiles anymore. He adjusted the spray, so it was showering down over us both, then he covered my hands with his bigger ones. One of his legs came between mine, his thigh solid and hairy between my ass cheeks, I moved my feet wider apart for him. We stood still in the spray of the water, our bodies pressed together. His cock pushed into my lower back, twitching.

Then he soaped me, from my shoulders to my ankles. He was thorough, missing not a single part of me, but not lingering either. He left me to rinse off under the shower, steam billowing in the cold air of the old, high-ceilinged building.

Moments later, he commanded me out. He was already dry, naked and still cock-hard.

“Hands on the wall, spread your legs wide.”

I complied and he got to work, drying me off. He noted my wetness, paused to stroke a finger through it with a slight noise of approval, reminding me exactly of my man. As it always does, this acknowledgement of my appreciative state notched up my horniness.

“Come, Slut.”

On your knees, present yourself.

He led me back to the bedroom.

“On your knees on the bed, present yourself.”

Feeling a little absurd, I got up onto the bed on all fours, presenting my ass and cunt for his inspection. He pulled my hips closer to the edge of the bed and got down on his knees behind me.

“Spread your legs wider.”

I obeyed.

He leaned into me, and he sniffed at me. Slightly mortifying, but oh god, so hot. He put his hands on my ass, pushed it open, then his tongue flicked at my clit and I jumped.

“Be still, Slut.” The words buzzed over my clit. He squeezed hand fulls of my ass hard enough to hurt and I held myself still, his grip relaxed and he started nuzzling at my clit.

It was intense, I let out a shuddering breath, trying to keep quiet. The music from the nightclub, the song changing, voices outside my window, the smell of cigarettes wafting into the room. My focus on his mouth, the things he was doing to my clit. The song changed again. The base thrumming through my whole body, everything tense. On the edge, but I didn’t want to come yet; I reached a hand down to his and tapped.

He stopped, helped me to sit up.


I drew a deep breath, looked at him.

“Are you okay?”

I nodded.

“Do you want to continue?”

Another nod.

“I don’t expect you to ask permission to come. I’ll bring you there more than once, before I take you.”

His hand on my face again, thumb pushing at my lips. I opened my mouth and let him in.

“Eyes, Slut.”

I hadn’t even realised I had looked down again. I raised my eyes to his face, my core thrilling, his thumb pressing down on my tongue, opening my mouth wider. He was still kneeling by the bed. I expected him to stand, to push his cock into my mouth. And I was ready to show him what a good little cock-sucker I am. I was thrilling for it, keen to feel his cock at the back of my mouth, keen for it to stop my breath, to hold him there, my tongue playing about his shaft, hands cupping his balls.

But he didn’t want that.

“Lie back, put your feet on my shoulders, watch me.”

I did as I was told, balanced on my elbows. He wrapped his hands around my upper thighs, suckling at my clit again. Rising heat, looking down at his head, seeing his muscled shoulders, his spine, so slim, I could see the sinuous curve of his backbone. His eyes flicking up to meet mine, holding them for a long moment, sliding closed, his full, complete focus on my clit.

I moaned, I couldn’t help it, but he didn’t complain.

Muscles tensing up again, my foot slipped from his shoulder. He yanked me forward, pulled my knees over his shoulders and I lay back, hips in the air, my thighs next to his ears, his chin rubbing at my ass hole, the day’s worth of stubble sharp, compared to my German’s tickling beard.

“Come for me.”

The words spoken into my clit. My thighs shaking next to his ears, and I came hard around him, legs tensing around his head, back in the air, body shuddering and releasing. The barest sound escaping my lips.

He laid me down gently, gave me a moment to recover myself, then stroked teasing fingers over my clit, making me convulse again. He did this over and over, until my muscles were no longer contracting under his (I have to say it:) expert touch. The tease a slow burn, and I found that I did want to come again, which is not something that happens for me all that often.

“On your hands and knees, display yourself to me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

My body didn’t want to move, but I made it onto all fours, legs spread wide, so he wouldn’t have to ask.

Still kneeling, he did something I hadn’t expected. He described in detail what he was looking at, how my pussy looked to him, touching the various parts as he described them. It was stupifyingly hot. Then he licked my ass, surprising me again. His tongue a magic muscle against my anus, the pleasure a new experience. I let myself go to it.

I could hear my man’s reaction to this, as though he was there: You dirty girl! You’re loving this, aren’t you?

His tongue playing the nerve endings around my ass like a musician. And oh my god: yes, I was loving it. It was insanely, scorchingly hot. A finger joined his tongue, dipped into my pussy, then covered in my juices, he pushed it gently into my ass, licking at me all the while. His finger exploring inside.

I rested my cheek down onto the bed, put my arms behind my back and clasped my wrists. I shifted to present my whole pussy and ass better. He made a noise of approval into my ass and his other hand joined the tease, getting immediately covered in my juices. He stroked it back and forth over my whole mons, fingers on my lower belly, palm against my clit. I was building again.

This time I couldn’t contain my noise when I came. I was not loud, but I did moan. I came hard and he didn’t let up this time until I was completely done.

“Now you’re mine.”

Beg for me, Slut.

He applied a condom, got up on the bed behind me, put his thighs either side of my knees and pushed his cock into my swollen pussy.

“Beg for me, Slut.”

And I did. I begged him to use me. Begged him to fuck me – please, please.

He took hold of my clasped wrists and he fucked me, fucked into me, used me just as I was, cheek pressed into the mattress, ass in the air.

He wasn’t gentle. He was harsh, fast and punishing. His cock slamming too deeply into me, he was hurting me and oh, god how I loved it.

I took it upon myself to beg him to hurt me, go deeper, begged him not to come yet.

But in the end he did, of course. He came hard, hammering at me, into me. He came quietly, the barest of grunts. He finished, pushed me off him and I collapsed onto my side muscles spent, gathering myself.

And then came an awkward moment, that I hadn’t realised had been at the back of my mind. I looked up at him, my wet hair a mess in my face. He got rid of the condom, looked down at me.

Then he took the awkwardness out of my hands. He got dressed. I became self-conscious, pulled the duvet over myself. He touched my cheek with his fingers one last time.

“Thank you,” he said, a smile in his eyes, then he slipped out of my room.

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