Gonna Blow your Mind – The Orgasm

“I’m going to make you come so hard tonight. Gonna blow your mind, little bird.” A promise made to me by him in the shower. Here’s how it went down.

Lounging against the counter, you observed us coming back in; his smile, my blush.

You stepped over to me, stroked my cheek and I stared defiance at you, feeling horny and oh so very naughty. Assessing me, you cocked an eyebrow at him. He shrugged a shoulder at you, stared back at me.

“I made her a promise. Gonna make her come tonight, gonna blow her mind.”

I blushed deeper, thrilling again at the confidence in his voice.

“That so?” Turning to me, “lose the robe, you can keep the towel.” You touched the towel wrapped around my hair.

I took off the robe, you both had a moment’s pure perv. I couldn’t help smiling, turned a slow circle, earned a decent swat at my ass from your tea towel.

“Sit down. I’ll get dinner.”

I sat, you got the plates out of the oven and began serving.

Dinner was a mess of surreptitious non-verbal flirtation, covered in small talk. Something about the weather, sunny tomorrow, your eyes smoldering at me, speaking to my clit. A storm due on Sunday, his eyes drawn down over my body in a slow, insolent arc, up again to hold my gaze, rain expected.

The Lightest Kiss

After, I got up. Took the towel from my messy damp hair and cleared the dishes off into the dishwasher, turned to find you both watching, you with your usual smile, him just staring at me.

You moved, sat in the armchair, settled yourself.

“Don’t mind me.”

He rose from the table, advanced on me; I stilled, reached out my arms behind me and found the counter.

Standing in my space, so close there was just a breath between us, he looked the full wattage of his intention down at me – thoroughly disconcerting. I swallowed, pressed back, felt the coldness of the drawers against my ass. Before I could break away, though I didn’t really want to, his hands came up and fastened to the sides of my head, thumbs under my jaw.

He stooped, but he didn’t kiss me. His mouth a hair’s breadth from mine, he tilted my head further back, his eyes looking from one of mine to the other, to my mouth. I caught my breath, without thought, swept my tongue over my lips.

Hyper-aware of his breath on the moistness of my lips, I closed my eyes. He nudged my nose with his, once, twice and my breath hitched again. His beard tickled over my chin. But still he didn’t kiss me.

One of his thumbs drew a line up to my lips, his other hand coiling into my hair. He pulled my head further back, his thumb tracing a line over my bottom lip, his nose nudging mine again. I gripped the counter hard, holding myself up, his thumb in my mouth, pushing down on my tongue.

Right then, that’s when his tongue drew a delicate line on the under, inner side of my top lip, the intimacy, the sensation of the gesture a shocking thrill.

He turned my head to the side, his mouth on my ear, his tongue a warm wet intrusion, blocking out sound and sending a paralysing wave radiating down my neck, over my shoulders, causing me to shiver. Unable to move, I was delighting in this assault of my senses, my breath short over his pressing thumb, head thrust back.

His breath in my ear; “come.”

His hands let me go, my mouth felt obscurely empty. But he did not step away; his nose nudged at mine again and I opened my eyes. Another look, his eyes; oh god, so damned intense.

And then, and then his lips brushed over mine, the slightest, lightest touch.


He stepped back from me, I felt the heat of his body leaving me.

Taking a moment, I got my breath back under control. Looked at you. You smiled at me, completely at ease.

The Build

“Come, lie down.” Still in your robe, he patted the sofa.

I lay down on my back and he knelt between my legs. Taking his time, he arranged them, so they were spread wide around him, bent at the knees.

“Relax, don’t tense up.”

He laid his hands flat against my upper thighs, so they framed my mons. His thumbs began a slow, gentle massage of the skin around my outer lips. You got up and I watched you leave the room. A moment later you reappeared with a tube of silicone lube in your hands. Knelt beside me. He nodded at you and squeezed an enormous dollop of it over my slit. Though I saw it all, the chill on my bare skin made me jump a little.


The sensation of his thumbs changed with one broad sweep to a super gliding moistness.

“Close your eyes, little bird.”

I loved the way he said this. There was respect and care in his voice, but also a suggestion of ownership that spoke straight to all those parts of me that you both make sing during our encounters. It drew my attention to the differences between us; his masculinity, my femininity, his strength and stature, my much smaller body and comparative inferiority of strength. His dominance, my submissive nature.

My eyes closed, I was all obedience.

The tease was a slow burn, his thumbs circled over the skin around my mons, never venturing close, never grazing my clit. He spent such a long time building me up, I was a wet, desperate mess, but still he teased.

The sofa creaked a little and I felt you settling next to my head, your thighs against my ears. I reached my hands up, found your joggers-clad cock, but you took my wrists and pulled my hands away, held them securely next to your thighs.

It was in this moment, that he chose to intensify his tease. His thumbs venturing in between my outer lips, stroking with the barest pressure, gently down my slit. Your thighs tightened around my head, muffling sound. My breath quickening, sighing out to the rhythm of his strokes. The tiniest stimulation of my clit.

I sank into myself, into the feeling. Relaxed so I felt I was slipping through my own body. All sensation, complete in my trust; your capture of my wrists, security. Slipped into fantasy.

My Fantasy:

Opening my eyes, I’m surrounded by cocks, men wanking, ten or twelve of them. The heads of their cocks glistening in the light, a plethora of skin tones. I have to focus to see faces, but when I manage, they look intent, mocking. They’re wanking hard. They want to cover me in their jizz and they only have two minutes, or they have to step down and let they next guy have a shot. If they manage, they get a free drink at the bar. You’re settling the bill later.

The men come over my naked body, then they go to get their pints. One after another, they come and I get hotter and hornier, each time spunk lands on me. They don’t care where it goes, so long as it hits me somewhere. Before long, I am covered in jizz. I trail my fingers through its cooling stickiness.

You lay a vibrator against my clit, but the speed is too slow, and I don’t get off. I’m a frustrated, desperate jizz covered mess.


He changed the position of his hands, directly teasing my g-spot. An intense feeling, my whole pussy felt swollen, my clit alive throughout the area. I began to feel the gorgeous building pressure that I get from g-spot stimulation.

I felt lazy in my heat, intoxicated and incapable of moving, but all the same, I wanted some cock action. I opened my eyes, ready to ask for it, but he was quicker:

“Close your eyes, just be a doll for me.”

Bam! I love being a doll for you and for him. But this was different. It’s not normally about my pleasure, rather what I can do to drive yours. But I obeyed him, lay there and took it. And his fingers played my cunt. And then he ramped up his action.

His fingers were doing that magic thing inside me. I could feel the tension building in my whole body. Despite being so relaxed, my legs began to quiver, and I knew I was desperately close.

His words burning into me, “Gonna blow your mind.

With my breath, came noise now, involuntary moans, then:

“Come for me.”

And his thumb swept over my clit, directly, over and over. I teetered on the edge, the waves suddenly building, threatening to break, and then they crashed over me, over my whole body, that profound pleasure beating in my core, that feeling of rushing water that always accompanies the strongest orgasms. On and on it went, with me writhing and moaning under it and his hands didn’t let up until I had quietened and stilled. Mind-blown as promised.

I opened my eyes, feeling sated, swollen and dizzy, and I got an eye-full of cock, before he plunged it into me, causing my cunt to spasm all over again.

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