Waking up on Sunday Mornings

For some reason, waking up at the weekend, or on holiday days is often a horny business. I wake up wanting to be fucked. I don’t want to have sex, I don’t want to make slow, lazy Sunday morning love for hours, although that’s also nice. No, I want to just be fucked – used and abused.

Which part of me do you want to fuck? I’ll take anything. For me it’s about the need to be used and the power dynamic. I need to feel your power.

Tie me up in the best way to present myself to you for the access you want. Use the four-way cuffs, if you like, good for a hog-tie or I could be face down in a kneeling position, ass raised for your pleasure. Do you want to fuck my mouth? Have me sit on the edge of the bed, cuff my arms behind me so I can’t move them and wrap your fingers in my hair, so you can control exactly how you fuck me. 

Use your belt, your hands, a paddle, a whip whatever, but let me have a bit of a thrashing. Let me feel your power over me. Don’t be afraid to hurt me, let’s start gently, I’ll let you know when it gets to the level I like.

Look down on me, stand over me and let me feel that power, your power. Show me how hard you are, make me wait for it. Make me say please, if that’s your thing.

Then fuck me, or don’t. If you want to, just make yourself come on me. Whatever you do, don’t think about me, only think about how to use me to get your pleasure. 

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