Forcably Fucked with a Didlo

We’ve been out to eat, expensive restaurant, my treat. And she’s made her feelings clear. Playing footsie under the table, the toes of her shoe creeping up my leg and back. Talking quietly, mundane stuff. Her eyes flicking electric glances at me from under her lashes, secret smiles on her lips, all unspoken promises for later.

I swear I spent the whole meal hard. Such a distraction, hardly tasted the food.

I helped her with her coat, stood close, she turning, her body brushing against me, her hips against my cock. Another flick of a knowing look, sly smile. An image in my head, me fucking her here, over the table, sod the other diners.

She drives me crazy.

Kept her tucked under my arm, walking back, pulled close against me.

We let ourselves in. Shut the door and I pinned her up against the wall, arms either side of her, leant down, nudged her nose with mine, kissed her smiling lips.

I took my coat off, unbuttoned hers and pulled it off her. Stole another kiss. She had the audacity to giggle into it. I spun her around, pulled her body hard against mine, held her to me, a tit gripped firmly in my hand. Leant down and fastened my lips around her shoulder, just where it joins her neck. I sucked, her breath caught. Kissed her neck, a trail to her ear, a few breathes, and she shivered, her nipple a solid little rock through her top. I squeezed, groped her tit, pinched that nipple hard.

Our clothes came off in a mess on the floor, a trail from the front door to the sitting room.

I grabbed a canister of water from the kitchen, closest convenient thing and attached her dildo to it.

She is kneeling between my spread legs now. I’m on the edge of the sofa. She’s impaled on her dildo. She’s giving me her sweet mouth’s undivided attention. Her mouth slips down my shaft, deliciously licking and sucking my balls and sliding up again. Some nice deep-throating, then slipping down the other side. It feels so good. Her fingers work my prostate, mine are tweaking, rolling and pinching her nipples in the way she so enjoys, the way that makes her super-slutty.

She loves giving me head, loves it so much, she makes it last a long, long time. She keeps me on the edge as much as she can. She’s constantly checking my eyes, she knows when I am close, pushes it almost to the limit, then brings me back again. She makes these noises, sometimes a quiet satisfied purr, shameless greedy sucking sounds and sometimes she gags. Her fast recovering breathes after she deep-thoats me. I love her blow jobs.

I lean forward, so my cock pops out of her desperately hungry mouth and grab her hips. I lean over her and push her down on the dildo. She comes up herself and I push her down again, I control her. I control her fucking her dildo and it’s so hot. I watch it disappear, reappear and disappear again. I imagine it’s our fuck-buddy behind her and I’m controlling the fucking he’s getting from my little slut.

I let her get busy on my cock again. She’s going all out intense now, edging me closer. I watch her through lidded eyes, she keeps glancing at me, checking me.

She’s doing that thing again, the one that drives me crazy: she’s holding the base of my cock in a firm grip, the palm of her hand pressing my balls hard against me. It makes my cock and ball ring press into my prostate, reminding me how tight it is. The thumb of her other hand is drawing circles around my prostate, her mouth sliding up and down the most sensitive part of my cock. It’s bringing me so damn close.

I watch her intently, I want to come, but she must come first. She looks at me again, and she looks so vulnerable looking up at me like that, with my wide shaft in her mouth. She catches an idea of my intention and her breath hitches.

Before she can look away, I pull her off my cock and force her upper body over my right leg so that her dangling tits tickle my outer thigh. Her cunt makes a divinely wet plop as it releases her dildo. I pull her dildo off the water bottle, difficult, so slippery. Her thighs are slick with her own juices. I switch on the vibrator, all the time holding her down against my leg.

I plunge the dildo into her and I fuck her cunt with it. I’m rough, fast, using my arm to hold her in a way so I can apply the vibrator to her clit. Her body trembles, her ass cheeks moving, quivering, such a hot sight. She comes hard, her body pressed over my knee and I don’t let up the relentless, punishing, speed I’m fucking her with. She comes and comes. When her whimpers quieten, I pull the dildo out of her, that delicious wet sound again.

She immediately takes up her position, sucking greedily, lustily, desperately on my cock as the last of her orgasm thrums through her, the vibrator held by her thighs to her clit. She dips her fingers to her own copious juices and circles my prostate, finger slipping, sliding.

I take her by her ponytail and lift her off my cock. I reach between her legs and get my own hand coated in her gorgeous juices and rub it over her chest. She obediently positions herself and I push her nipples together over my cock. She’s getting close again, she loves this depravity. Being sure to keep her nipples somewhere between squeezed fingers, I fuck her chest. She’s so close, but I’m closer. I pull away and shoot my load over her tits, then massage it in until she comes again.

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