Sex and Autism

Navigating Social Anxiety with Autism: People Pleasing and Surviving the Me Too Shitshow

An autistic based snapshot of my struggles with social interactions, my tendency to people please and why I do it. I share details of a social experiment I conducted after I moved to London, that confirmed my perception of myself at the time of being barely human. I also share a me too moment of how being abused as a child affected me, with regard to my autistic nature, no details.

Pleasuring and Being Owned by a Colleague

Continuing the attraction story I posted earlier. This is how it played out in the end. As is so often the way in our encounters, I took a submissive role and let myself be used. It’s crazy how hot being a pleasure station can make a sub. I was really, really nervous about being with him at the start.

Moments of Attraction

You know sometimes you see someone in a random place, and you feel this wave of attraction washing over you? Do you wonder if the other person feels it too? This started out that way, I explained it to my man (he’s German, German’s possessively refer to each other as my person) and he suggested we invite the person. In this case it wasn’t a random stranger. Here’s that part of it, the next part will follow soon.